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"The Views module provides a flexible method for Drupal site designers to control how lists and tables of content are presented. This tool is essentially a smart query builder that, given enough information, can build the proper query, execute it, and display the results." - From Drupal Page

After one of my coworkers showed me the Drupal module I started wondering if there is a smilar Joomla module and figured there does not seem so.

Therefore, I decided to make one.

This module has a query builder. You set SQL query, set what to display from the query, layout it and style it if necessary. It is basically for Joomla developers but capable of doing the setup by copy & paste work even even if you do not know much about SQL.

This module can be a gallery module, slider module or a module displaying a list of something for a component. With this module you can store all the content as article. Client does not have to amend the content at the module manager as you use this module instead of Custom HTML module.

Almost all the contents in module positions can be from this module. That way you and your co-workers do not have to learn how to manage the content with other third party extensions.

Requirements: Joomla 2.5

This page is for Joomla developers. If you want the installer, you can find it here (later because it is still Beta)


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